January 30, 2021
Best Wedding Photographer in Indore

A wedding photographer for today’s marriages is equally necessary as the bride & groom are. Akshit Garg is the best wedding photographer in Indore, India. Choosing the best wedding photographer is an extremely fun and equally essential job for every bride & groom because of course apart from the cultural extravaganza of Indian wedding; where else do you get to flex your best attire and splash out on amazing snaps! In the quest to find the best wedding photographer in Indore India, let us first equip ourselves with the basics.  In this field of wedding photography, conventionally we offer you three types of wedding photography: Candid photography, Traditional photography & Contemporary Wedding photography. Whether you are looking for some budget photography, or you want to splurge, your wedding photographs will be one of the few solid mementos from W-Day and you want them to be epic! Hereby first things first, let us learn and analyze which type of wedding photography among these three will suit you and your wedding theme.

Types of Wedding photography

1- Candid Photography

Also known as documentary photography, Candid photography approach is nothing new to this world of wedding photography. It has come some much into trend in the last few years. This type of photographer focuses to capture your special day in raw impromptu emotions, unobtrusive fashion, telling a narrative. You can also plan your pre wedding photography in this style. The Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Indore will provide stunning candid shots and genuine actions, brought behind the lens of camera by the photographer’s artistic vision; the best wedding photographer in Indore will be more than happy to conduct some formal shots too. However, it is worth checking with your chosen photographer what their attitude towards traditional shots is.

Grade-up for– Capturing candid emotions and describing the narrative through pictures.

Grade down for– might fail to include traditional shots.

2- Contemporary Photography

Very much inspired from fashion photography, contemporary or creative photography is the type of photography presents some shots majorly from pre-wedding photography or procession photography. While the best  photographer in Indore will be looking for exciting lighting and angles, the concept of contemporary photography will make sure to you posed shots, but slightly more relaxed.  While stunning, these shots may be less about the mood of the day or the couple as characters, but instead the vision and artistic stance of the photographer – which might or might not be what you are after!

Grade up for– Scintillating and artistic shots.

Grades down for– Might risk the mood of environment.

3- Traditional Photography

The conventional, old school type of photography, Traditional wedding photography use to rule the wedding photography industry until he advent of digital era. However, both photographers and newlywed couples stopped worrying about the costs of film, trend of traditional photography declined. Traditional style focuses on taking posed shots of the couple and the group at large. This style of photography involves lots direction from the photographer and costs much time from the wedding party. It may not necessarily capture the emotions of the day as whole, but the best wedding photographer from Indore will choose traditional style of photography and capture some beautiful still shots which you can document in your heart forever

Grades up for– classic and timeless shots.

Grade down for– time consuming and may miss some of the emotion.

Photos from your wedding day are one of the things you actually want to keep forever (well, maybe not all of them!). You want to make sure they capture best of you as a couple and your family members as well. The wedding photography packages range into thousands and lakhs and may sound scary but there is always something for everyone, you just need to analyze what you are looking for.

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Here are some guidelines to help you out.

1) Recommendations

Look around! See if someone from your mutuals or contacts has got married recently. Take a look at their wedding album or ask them for some guidance. Keep a check on the venue, looking around will give you a lot of options for wedding photography. You can have an idea of theme want to have for you event as well. Visit and check photographer’s website, online reviews and social media to get a bit more of an idea and eventually narrow down your research.

2) Venue

Keep your wedding venue in your sight. Make sure the photographer you choose has wedding photography studio. Making the right choice for the photographer is important, if your rituals are scheduled at twilight or evening at a candle-lit venue, then a photographer not specializing in outdoor weddings may not be right for you and vice versa. You can predict their ability to create light by looking at their portfolio. You can also ask the photographer to show you some of his work from wedding photography.

3) Style

Make your research broader, start diving deeper into different portfolios, and have a look at different styles. Several times you and your photographer might not be the perfect fit for each other even if you love the photographer’s work. It becomes equivalent to finding another person to marry! Check thoroughly and imagine yourself photographed. Keep the check of time on the mind, take a note on how much does it require for the photographer to arrange the style. Elaborate fashion shoots can take hours. If you don’t want to spend your entire wedding posing for photos then bear this in mind. You can work out details in future sitting with the photographer once you’ve chosen them.

4) Interview

Now it’s the time to meet the professionals themselves. After diving into all the portfolios and choosing the best ones for you. Talk to your photographer. Your photographer will spend the majority of your wedding day with you make sure he knows pre wedding couple poses to make you look even more beautiful behind the lenses. It’s important to have an ice breaker at earlier stages, so you can gel with them easily and your personalities mesh. Ask them about their favorite photographs. You will get to know their thinking process and their working styles. The way they will answer your question will also help you to have an insight in their mind. Make sure your the photographer which the company is appointing to you is polite and unobtrusive, and have good direction skills. A good way to predict this is look at the group images and see whether the participants look relaxed and comfortable.

5) Finalize

Finally, bring the quest to find the best wedding photographer to its last stage. Check whether it will be definitely them shooting your wedding, as larger agencies may often place alternatives at the 11th hour. Ask what kind of equipment they are going to use especially if you prefer digital over film, or if you have a strong opinion about how the images should be edited. Also check whether the photographers have any assistant. Remember, do not hesitate ask everything to your photographer regarding the plans you have for him as well as the ones he has for you. Don’t stop until you’re happy. However, best photographer in Indore will resolve all your queries and will make sure you have no reasons to worry. The camera will barely have to do anything, as you’re both going to look amazing!


1- How much a wedding photographer cost in India?

The cost of wedding photography is totally depended on what package you choose. The best wedding photographer in Indore may provide you quotations and packages and make you choose what is best and pocket friendly for you.

2- How to choose wedding photographer?

Make the list of events you want the photographer to cover. Visit the best wedding photographer websites and portfolios. And make your choice wisely.

3- Which camera is best for wedding photography?

Wedding Photographers use a wide range of equipment for wedding photography, it is partly also dependent on what kind of shoot you are looking forward to, what’s the wedding venue, your package cost etc.

4- Who is the best wedding photographer in Indore?

Akshit Garg is the best Wedding photographer in Indore.

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