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Interior & Architectural Photography

Architectural or Real Estate Photography means capturing buildings & structures and are all part of Commercial Photography. It serves the purpose of helping the viewer interpret the main features that imply the project’s USPs and uniqueness. The key point before getting into any details is that the prospect identifies your project through these pictures and they need to be flawless. Architectural photography consists of both Interior and Exterior Photography. Both Interior and Exterior Photography are mostly similar but vary in some techniques and equipment used.

Exterior Architectural photography mostly takes advantage of the natural light in the day and uses the street lights and other sources for night shots. Aerial photography is one of the most trending methods to cover architecture with various perspectives. This adds a whole new dimension to the creativity in Exterior Photography.

Interior Architectural photography uses ambient lighting from natural light sources like windows or interior fixtures like lamps and bulbs or temporary lighting setups. Unlike Exterior Photography, some of the components in Interior Photography can be moved for better results. It is one of the toughest genres but at the same time, it’s also artistic.

We, at Akshit Photography, always try to see the beautiful structures with new perspectives. We understand and value the passion behind any Architectural project and we use ours to deliver the best results by utilizing our full potential. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and equipment to deliver the best results. We are a team of experienced and professional Architectural Photographers, fully equipped with specialized lenses, cameras and equipment. Our kit includes specialized Canon Tilt-shift lenses (95 mm and 24 mm), and drones for Interior and Exterior Architectural Photography. We use our resources to deliver the best quality results. We have worked on various projects and have many happy clients not only in Indore but across India.

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