Best Wedding Photographer in India

Best Wedding Photographer in India: A step-by-step guide on how to find them.

Best Wedding Photographer in India: A step-by-step guide on how to find them.

It is quite agreeable that, during a wedding, the couple wants to fully enjoy themselves without worrying about whether or not their vision of hosting the next most aesthetic Indian wedding would step into the real world.

As it is said, “Wedding photographers don’t just take pictures, they create heirlooms.”

So how, exactly, can someone browse through a humongous list of photographers in Indore, or even the best photographers in India, and pinpoint who might be the person that patiently listens to your preferences, aligns their lens as per your vision, stays on the budget that suits you, and accompany you creating cherishable heirlooms?


An immaculate job takes someone with immaculate skills so that even if you pick your wedding photoshoot album decades later it holds the same vibrance, the magic of the love blooming among familial interactions and prints of a beautiful union. Let’s discover the appropriate steps to choose the best wedding photographers.

1. Plan and Prepare

Indian weddings are filled with crazy shenanigans, you just have to figure out which ones of them you would like to see get framed. This is the step where you browse through the internet sites or well, the ultimate spot Pinterest, for couple photoshoot inspiration or wedding poses. 


Once you have shortlisted your preferences from the wide array of options available,  it is time to research the best wedding photographers available and look through their portfolios. Are they good at candid photography? Or are they the best candid photographer in India? Would they be able to do the warm tones of your royal aesthetic wedding or the bride’s pearly gown justice?  Browse through their social media, and official websites, reach out to their previous clients, and ask for an honest review for thorough research.

“When searching for a wedding photographer, look for someone whose work makes your eyes shine and heart skip a beat.”

2. Wedding Photography Budget

Once you have an idea of your desired wedding photoshoot and shortlisted the photographers whose work suits you, these details would assist you in figuring out your budget. Ascertaining the wedding photography cost is a crucial part of the process that would entail how your pictures turn out. Among your shortlisted candidates, look through their website or contact them personally to identify which ones of them range closest to your budget. There is no doubt that you would be able to find the best wedding photographer that not only sees your perspective but also comes under your budget.

Remember, finding the right photographer is not just about the cost; it is also about their style, ability to connect with clients, and their dynamic talent.

3. Creativity and style

The next step is to consider the style and specialties a photographer has to offer, such as their style, taste, and what makes them stand out. There is a vast variety of photography styles that your wedding shoot images can be captured in; such as the Classic style of capturing the formalities and a concise list of couple wedding poses and family poses or the Vintage style that enraptures the moments in soft tones or gives it an old cinematic feel that many have come to love due to the gen-z trends. All of the bride and groom’s detailed attires, accessories, and the little religious trinkets deserve the perfect spotlight.


If you are someone who is extremely devoted to their customs and rituals and would prefer your album to encompass the essence and richness of Indian traditions; the raw moment and reactions as the groom and bride circle the holy fire or the pure moment of a mother-in-law doing Tilak of the groom then you should be in search of photographer that would enhance these moments.

“A creative photographer doesn't just capture the moments, they unveil the untold stories hidden beneath them.”

4. Conversation with the Indian wedding photographer

Now is the time to connect and converse with the photographer that suits your vision and pocket and identify if they possess the key qualities that would result in a smooth collaboration. Indian weddings are filled with heavy emotions so its capturer must be someone who holds the emotional intelligence so that every spontaneous little bit of the event results in the best couple poses with low effort. 


Accompanying that, storytelling and the post-processing skills of a photographer play a crucial role in making sure the post-capture edits are adequate and complementary. It does not just end with clicking the wedding photos but also the work that follows them. Make sure that you are your photographer are on the same page about that.

5 Timings and Venue

Closely following the last step, you must ensure that the photographer of your choice is available on the dates of your big day and the rituals preceding it. This will reflect whether your photographer is sleek with planning and time processing. Thoroughly discuss with them your special dates and the venues. The results of your couple photoshoot will be much more dreamy and fruitful if the photographer is familiar with the venues. 

“In the hands of a talented wedding photographer, your love becomes the brush, and the canvas is a beautiful collection of timeless images.”

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