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Best wedding venues for a destination wedding in Jim Corbett

Best Wedding Venues For a Destination Wedding At Jim Corbett

If we have learned anything from 2021, it is that more and more people are moving towards destination weddings. From Bollywood celebs to socialities, everyone wants a small and intimate wedding with just their nearest and dearest ones. We know that the trend of destination weddings isn’t going anywhere. So here we are with the trendiest destination wedding location which is both budget-friendly and a sight to our sore eyes- Jim Corbett.

Yes! You read that right Jim Corbett the national park. It’s surely a world-famous national park but the wedding venues here are worth a glance. Amidst in the lap of nature, nestled in Himalayan foothills, Jim Corbett is charged with nature’s charm that knows no bounds. Not only it makes a perfect weekend getaway, but also an ideal place to take wedding vows with your significant other. For a destination wedding under tree canopies of Jim Corbett, you can sort through varieties of themes and pick the perfect one for yourself. So here are some, handpicked wedding venues at Jim Corbett for your grand and regal affair.




Taj Corbett Resort and Spa is truly a dream venue. Hosting a lavish wedding at this address will make your fairytale dream a reality.  Equipped with world-class facilities, the venue is spacious and comfortable with breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere, Taj offers an unforgettable experience in the purity of nature. This spacious venue includes a beautiful banquet hall and a spectacular courtyard. The venue also offers the finest hospitality services, with scrumptious food, and is Corbett’s one of the top-tier resorts. Whether it’s a grand reception, pre-wedding ceremony, or social gathering, Taj Corbett Resort and Spa is the place for everything.

The banquet hall in particular is elegantly decorated and offers a breathtaking atmosphere indeed. With intricately carved lamps, upscale decoration, and charming ambiance it can accommodate over 100 guests the banquet is ideal for small gatherings. Furthermore, the lawn spanning the area around the pool can, in turn, accommodate more attendees and provide an extraordinary backdrop of green cover, lush trees, and outstretched valleys. With selected decor and catering facilities, this luxury wedding hotel also offers wedding stay packages.

Room count- 64 rooms

• Spaces available:-

 Indoor banquet hall- 120 seating, 250 floating

 Outdoor lawn (riverside)- 300 seating, 450 floating

• Prices- 2000 (veg)/ 2400 (non-veg)



An outdoor wedding in Jim Corbett is going to be the best decision of your life. Positioned along the Kosi river, the Riverview retreat is one of the most budget-friendly wedding venues in Jim Corbett. The USP of the resort lies in its flexibility and hospitality. The venue has 90 rooms to make your stay cozy. With the Himalayan mountain range on one side and the rocky river bank on the other, this venue makes for an exotic location for hosting your dream wedding. From pre-wedding ceremonies to the reception party, you can plan out your whole wedding celebration here. The decorators and caterers that come with this venue will make sure your guests and you have a great time here.

When you head to the Riverview Retreat, you are signing up for an experience unlike anything you’ve had before; which begins with a traditional welcome, replete with folk music! Their friendly and enthusiastic team will make your event an undeniable success. Also, the banquet facilities offered by the resort can accommodate around 250 guests with 3 lawns furthering its capacity to about 500.

Spaces Available:-

 Banquet hall- 350 seating, 450 floating

 Lawn- 600 seating, 700 floating



To live, one of a kind, ethereal experience, choose Namah resort. Located in Ramnagar in Jim Corbett, it is another gorgeous wedding venue you cannot overlook.  A spectacular and star-studded venue for the best day of your life, this place is luxuriously magical and called one of the finest in the city! This venue is ideal for larger-than-life events like your wedding as well as pre-wedding functions, and social and corporate gatherings.

Housing a spectacular lawn and beautiful banquet hall on its premises, this place lets you enjoy both the outdoor and the indoor world, equipped with decor and in-house catering services, It also allows you the choice to hire your preferred decorators. Boasting premier hospitality services and staying in sophisticated rooms the venue renders a complete package!

Adorned with classic decor, stunning lights, and upscale embellishments the banquet hall can host a little over hundred patrons. The lawn, on the other hand, evokes natural beauty with its spot-on maintenance and magical vibes. It welcomes a larger number of guests. A perfect picturesque venue that is luxury-loaded.

Room Count- 48 rooms

• Spaces Available:-

 Indoor banquet hall- 100 seating, 150 floating

 Outdoor lawn- 500 seating, 600 floating

• Prices- 1400 (veg) / 1650 (non-veg)



If you’re hosting your wedding revelries at the hridayesh spa and resort it’s surely going to be grand. More than a hotel, more than a resort it is a “home away from a home”. Spread over 8.25 acres of mango groves, the venue offers numerous personalization options to let you have the wedding you are dreaming of. The wedding planners at the resort pay heed to the minutest details according to your preferences, they also serve an exotic assessment of worldwide cuisine that is surely going to be a treat for all your guests. The décor has a contemporary, modern, and traditional style, which is going to be a perfect backdrop for all your photos. The hospitality team at the venue will make sure that all your events are conducted smoothly.  The venue is equipped for facilitating a great assembling in the scene of an expected number of up to 400 visitors in the setting. To care for your solaces in the scene they furnish you with some fundamental facilities like essential lighting and power with full power reinforcement to make it all hurdle free. 

Room Count- 58 rooms

• Spaces available:-

 Indoor hall- 175 seating, 300 floating

 Outdoor lawn- 200 seating, 400 floating

• Prices-  2000 (veg)/ 2500 (non-veg)


Surrounded by nature and in the backdrop of a forest, Aahana offers a beautiful natural setting for a destination wedding in Jim Corbett. Their rooms are inspired by culture, nature, and the unique spirit of Corbett. Their rooms are beautifully decorated to give you that vintage chic feeling, with their décor beautifully crafted to make your wedding a regal affair.

With sustainability at its heart and warmth in its soul, Aahana is a highly-rated uber luxury resort. Certain spaces around the resort can be utilized for hosting traditional ceremonies. There are plenty of opportunities at Aahana for intermixing local traditions with urban customs. International gourmet dishes can also be interspersed with old-fashioned Indian classics. All of this helps the venue provide an indigenous yet romantic atmosphere for organizing a wedding.  It offers you world-class amenities and a breathtaking venue space that will leave you impressed. They can accommodate up to 500 guests. The pleasant ambiance and polite and dedicated staff cater to every need of their customers with full precision. Thus, a perfect venue for all your wedding festivities and a perfect backdrop for all your wedding photographs. 

• Room Count- 48 rooms

• Spaces available:-

 Indoor Banquet Hall- 150 seating, 200 floating

 Poolside lawn- 200 seating, 250 floating

 Outdoor lawn- 200 seating, 350 floating

 Outdoor lawn area- 200 seating, 300 floating

 Outdoor lawn- 350 seating, 500 floating

• Prices- 3000 (veg), 3500 (non-veg)



The Den Corbett is located at a scenic location amidst plush greenery and delightful gardens all around the venue which is also a perfect accommodation to spend your holidays. The resort is surrounded by beautiful mango grove trees, you can take your wedding vows under the beautiful thick canopies with the twittering of wild birds, and encircled by nature. The Den Corbett is a splendid resort with a beautiful ambiance for a memorable wedding that you could recall all your life happily. 

The modern amenities and forest ambiance perfectly blend at this venue. Your guests can enjoy a jungle safari, leisure nature walk, extensive forest track, or even a relaxing spa. Their friendly and enthusiastic team would assist in the smooth and successful conduct of the event you have planned. 

Room Count- 54 rooms

Spaces available:-

Indoor hall- 100 seating, 150 floating

Outdoor lawn (Dhikala lawn)- 100 seating, 150 floating

Outdoor lawn (Bijrani lawn)- 100 seating, 150 floating

Outdoor lawn (Sitavani lawn)- 1000 seating, 1500 floating


Who wouldn’t love to wake up to the soothing sound of a flowing river and chirping birds, The Corbett River Creek resort is your ideal destination wedding venue in Jim Corbett. Surrounded by nature and lush green forest, this resort offers you the most cherishable and enjoyable time celebrating your wedding ceremonies. With their class-apart services, you can be ensured that every experience with them is unique, every time. 

The smoothening forest ambiance and the lush green lawn make it a unique destination for your wedding. The staff here is flawless in their services and are well-trained to ensure that your wedding festivities go smoothly and you have a hassle-free celebration. The wedding venue is ideal for both simple and lavish weddings. Vibrant and progressive, the Corbett River Creek Resort retains the warmth and spirit of India while offering spaces. The services go far above and beyond the conventional venue and catering staples. All these services would be customized according to your demands, needs, and budget.

Room Count- 32 rooms

• Spaces available:- 

 Outdoor lawn area- 250 seating, 400 floating

 Poolside- 60 seating, 100 floating

• Prices- 1500 (veg), 2500 (non-veg)



This amazing venue is located at the edge of a mountain and surrounded by a dense forest making it a real adventure to host your wedding at this place. As the resort is located in the mountains this gives it a perfect opportunity to host your wedding functions in the serenity of nature.

The wedding venue is located at the dream location in the city which makes it easily approachable for all your guests to reach there on time. You need not worry about your tenants who come a long way to attend your functions as the venue offers them beautiful rooms as well. It is ideal for both small and grand events and can easily accommodate more than 1000 guests in its event space and around 500 guests at once.

Their highly talented chefs serve mouth-watering multi-cuisine that you can choose from as per your wishes. Moreover, they have a highly efficient and capable staff that will take care of all your needs. Their staff believes that your wish is their power and they will go to any extent to give you a powerful wedding experience. With a fair amount of experience in the hospitality industry, WH Corbett Ramganga Resort Jim Corbett is an ideal choice to take your wedding vows with your better half without any hassle.

Room Count- 30 rooms

• Spaces Available:-

 Indoor banquet hall- 500 seating, 650 floating

 Outdoor lawn- 1000 seating, 1500 floating


Here are some FAQs about your destination wedding at Jim Corbett:-


Ans. An average cost of a destination wedding at Jim Corbett ranges from 10-15 lakhs for 100 to 150 guests. It may even go up to 20-25 lakhs and more depending on your requirement of rooms, menu, food, beverages, service staff, lights, sound, and decoration for up to 200-300 guests. 


Ans.  Finding the best time to exchange vows can be a tricky one. Whether you want a summer wedding or a winter wedding, please make sure to consult with your pandit to find the best muhurat for you. Though you can find a lot many dates to tie the knot from November through July, the weather of the city you choose can be a major factor. The month of April is considered to be the most favored by all as you are sure to have pleasant weather across the length and breadth of India. If you choose to get married in the blazing summers, go for AC banquet halls to make your big day a hit. If you live in a city that freezes in the winter, indoor banquets are for you. If you pick November or April dates for the wedding, then you can enjoy an outdoor celebration as well.


Ans. Guest capacity depends on what sort of ceremony you want on the big day – an intimate one or a big fat one. For a destination wedding, people usually love to celebrate with their near and dear ones. Also, be prepared to expect a lot of regrets on your RSVP card as not everyone may be able to clear out their schedules to accommodate a destination wedding. So choose the venue accordingly!


Ans. By train, The nearest railhead from Jim Corbett is Ramnagar, connected to major destinations such as Delhi Haridwar, Lucknow, and Varanasi. Although there is only one train from Delhi and it has several stops on the way. A more convenient option would be to take a train to Muradabad and change for Ramnagar. 


So here are the best wedding venues for your destination wedding at Jim Corbett along with some FAQs, if you have any queries regarding photography or Jim Corbett destination wedding, drop them in the comments and we will be sure to revert. 

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