Regal Wedding In Indore

Megha and Vipul’s Grand & Regal Wedding In Indore

Megha and Vipul’s Grand & Regal Wedding In Indore

A grand wedding celebration in Indore for a couple, who have been dating for 8 years and are now ready to plunge into marital bliss, which is exactly what we are here for, and regardless to say, we are smitten by the bond this couple shares. We enjoyed spending time with this lovely couple, their royal wedding was a treat to our eyes and a balm to our aching hearts. Truly a grand celebration filled with love and laughter, surrounded by their nearest and dearest ones, they share one truly unique story full of aching love fulfilled with promises and a heartening story followed by an eventful evening. 

We can clearly, see their bonding and love reflected through their story. Their family was supportive and took part in every event to make their wedding more enthralling, the couple had spent a lifetime with each other and many more lifetimes are coming for them. Meghna is our understanding and joyous bride while Vipul is our painfully shy, tranquil groom, and together they make a perfect blend, garnished with lots of love and touches of laughter


The couple’s grand engagement ceremony and the wedding at Skyline resorts on the 14th of November 2021 were on everyone’s minds and lips, we just can’t stop gushing over their photos and videos.

For haldi dressed in a peachy pink lehenga, heavily adorned with beads and mirror work our bride Megha looked stunning, and to compliment her look our groom Vipul wore a light pink Kurta paired with a long sleeveless vest. They had a unique haldi ceremony where instead of using traditional haldi, they had their haldi with flowers.

Their sangeet night was a grand night filled with glamorous looks and hearty music, Megha wore a beautiful grey ruffled tulle gown, adorned with beads, mirror work, and knot work. While Vipul wore a black 3-piece suit.

The couple had an intimate wedding ceremony, where Megha wore a beautiful red lehenga adorned with heavy embroidery which was done with golden thread, while Vipul wore a white sherwani.

What further makes this wedding a treat to the eyes are the photos that are aesthetically captured by our team that exudes the wedding’s magical vibes phenomenally. Their trust and love for each other are what made their relationship stronger. Brimming with intoxicating happiness and peppered with love, eye-pleasing weather, and coupled with a stylish beat their wedding was a treat to our eyes. Hosted at the Skyline resorts their wedding revelries were a mesmerizing blend of all things fun. A wedding speaks for fun that both the families including their friends had accompanied by scrumptious food and mouth-dropping décor the wedding was fun.



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