haldi dress for bride and Groom

Top Haldi Dress For Bride, Groom And Their Families

Haldi dress for bride, Groom & Family

Haldi Ceremonies are auspicious events shadowed by the cascade of golden dreams, loving hands lathering the bride and groom in turmeric blessings, where each rub entails a future unknown, The beginning of Haldi signifies a new chapter for the couple as they stand under the showers of love and flowers. 


There is an abundance of options for settings under which this joyous event is held, according to the rituals, regions, and beliefs followed by the two combining families. In contrast to the idea of twinning with your partner, the groom and bride can take the opposite roads and dress in a way that is opposite to the other for hilarious and heartfelt Haldi poses for couples. 


Just like that, we have put together some ideas for Haldi dress for bride, the groom, and their families that would either add a touch of regality or quirk depending upon the choice of you and your loved ones.

Haldi Dress for Bride Ideas

Bride Modern Fusion Yellow Saree

As a bride of the new age, if you are someone to find delight in seeing a cohesive fusion of alluring modern trends and the traditions of our rich culture then an edgy modern fusion saree featuring a belt and some quirk earring or a pair of shades is your go-to.

Quirky and graphic earrings can consist of funny texts featuring inside jokes among your friends or something significant to the couple.

Simple Saree Haldi Dress for Bride

Amidst all the shenanigans of a big fat Indian wedding, the walls adorned in colorful linings, shadowing beds of flowers sewn together, and the twinkling lights, we often overlook the simple significance of uniting two souls due to a worrisome attitude. The mere occurrence of these events and celebrations is a thing to be grateful for, which may just reflected through light and comfortable clothing that reflects a bride’s natural glow to be captured in Haldi poses.


Opt for a simple chiffon or georgette saree and add a few dainty embellishments that advance the look and give you the perfect haldi effect.

Artistic and Colorful Kurta Set for Haldi Ceremony

Match the vibrance surrounding you and reflect the whirlwind of emotions dancing a positive dance inside you by opting for a soothing mix of colorful and abstract patterns of embroidery and pairing it with a sheer or net dupatta to balance the Haldi dress for bride look.


This look perfectly complements the colorful flowers that play a part in expressing everyone’s joy and are incorporated into innovative bride jewelry designs. The color scheme would open the doors to a plethora of jewelry designs. 

Bride Best Haldi Dress : Traditional Yellow Saree

A yellow saree is a classic Haldi dress for brides. They give a decadent yet young look as they portray soft feminine energy while also being of a classic color adored and worn at Haldi ceremonies for centuries. 

Choose a silk, georgette, or chiffon saree with delicate and intricate zari patterns. These patterns can be of specific choice; Some people get their deeply cherished and preached manuscripts embroidered onto their attires for auspicious events like weddings. 

Elegant yellow sarees paired with simplistic pearl jewelry are a regal and breathtaking combination.

Gradient Lehenga Haldi Dress for Bride

Red and yellow make for the perfect color scheme for a Haldi function. Go for a flared yellow lehenga with contrasting borders or the bottom half of the skirt covered in beautiful elaborate patterns and intricate borders. Complement the look by pairing it with a choli consisting of mirror work, sequins, and/or floral patterns. This carefully curated look is heightened by the choice of the best wedding photographer in Indore, who would adequately capture your style.

The elegance of a color flowing and blending into another color is unmatched. It metaphorically signifies that a bride, with each step and ceremony, is a step further into becoming a bride. Garments like this signify the excitement for the path leading up to a new chapter in the best couple poses.

Haldi Dress for Groom Ideas

Groom Yellow Kurta for haldi ceremony

Donn a classic yellow kurta with intricate detailing for an immaculate minimalistic look. Simple colors add a refreshing contrast to Haldi photoshoots. Haldi Ceremonies are all about the carefree and playful delights with people who are around to celebrate you and these delights can only be captured spontaneously and by the best wedding photographers in India.

Groom Yellow Sherwani for Haldi Ceremony

Add a touch of regality and golden opulence with a yellow sherwani and white churidar or dhoti combination which leaves an infinite number of options for accessories to adorn and amplify elegance. Little things make for more and these little additions will undoubtedly enhance the look of your couple photoshoots and photoshoots with parents. 

A soothing yellow sherwani is the opposite of the mood of the vicinity of every wedding celebration. The excitement and eagerness to be colored and celebrated for heading toward a fruitful union adds a layer to all the gratification and laughs being circled around the room and its essence is only captured by the best candid photographer in Indore.

Groom Colorful Kurta with Nehru Jacket

Fill colors into your ceremony with your smiles and by twinning with your bride by wearing floral or colorful kurtas and a Nehru jacket. The choice of colors can vary according to the significance, outfit of the bride, decor, rituals, and cultural preferences. The jacket adds a sobering effect to the outfit and not only will the groom be on theme, but the alluring idea of twinning with your bride is an adorable treat for all the guests and the photographers in Indore, eager to capture the match.

Mirror Work Sherwani and Long Jacket

Take a cue from the beautiful Haldi photoshoot where the couple opted for an unconventional color palette that is not only unique but adds a touch of serenity and simultaneously grandeur. Wedding aesthetics must reflect the inner love and ideas of the two souls uniting and that can be best done if each wedding has a personal twist of its own. So pair a gorgeous color of your choice, such as a pastel blue, with a long jacket that matches the color of the haldi dress for bride and engage in artistic Haldi poses for couple to show it off.

Groom White Sherwani for Haldi Ceremony

Inching away from the yellow theme of the Haldi, the glimmering white sherwani sets the Dulha apart like a shining knight. Detailed gold work on the white canvas adds a touch of royalty and brings out the shine of the turmeric paste. The suggestion is inspired by the lovely haldi pose of the groom with his parents.

Couple photoshoot entering the venue with the groom in a simple creme sherwani paired with a long jacket matching the bride and the theme of the joyous event shot by the best wedding photographer in Indore.

Haldi dress for family

Coordinated color scheme

Coordinate the outfits of both families with those of the function and the Haldi dress for bride and groom. The color scheme can be set between white, yellow, and some pastel colors. This would reflect harmony and enthusiasm among families in the couple photoshoot and it is always fun to see the various innovative outfit ideas that everyone opts for.

If the signature colors of the bride and groom are a pretty pastel pink and white then a light pink and red color scheme for  the family would complement the couple resulting in a cohesive outfit setting. People are often perplexed as to how they can scope for cinematic pictures that highlight their efforts of putting outfits together and the answer is simple, look for the best wedding photographer in Indore who engages and merges your vision with their skill.

Line the background of classic haldi poses for couples such as the shower of flowers, families can don simple yellow saree and kurta sets and add embellishments and jewelry that match the theme of the ceremony. The best couple poses are always a result of the authentic joy of the family; which can be enhanced either by the comfort of cotton sarees and kurtas or the high-end look of a Kanjrivaram saree and silk sherwanis.

Haldi ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to adorn you and your family with beautiful floral embellishments. Ensure both families coordinate their outfits according to their theme and wear flower accessories. The bridesmaids can have their own unique jewelry with quirky texts or something that distinctly matches the bride as a symbol of their bond. The groomsmen can do the same with pocket squares or embellishments on the sherwani.

Contrary to the aforementioned idea, instead of coordinating with the couple, the families can collectively go for a different color than the main duo to give them the spotlight. It sets the haldi dress for bride and groom apart on their special day. It is a treat among the best wedding photographers in India to capture such wholesome moments of unity and celebration. 

The attire chosen for the Haldi ceremony plays a significant role in adding vibrancy and cultural richness to the event. Whether you’re the bride, groom, or a beloved member of the family, these outfit ideas ensure that everyone looks resplendent and radiates happiness during this special occasion.

Haldi is the ceremony of cleansing the couple with love. The perfect outfit paired with the love you hold for the bride and groom contributes immensely to this occasion and all the little playful moments are the real essence of a perfect couple photoshoot.

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