Best wedding photographer in Bhopal [TOP RATED 2022]

Thanks to the internet & Google these days, finding the best services in your city has become incredibly easy. All you need to do is type ‘Best Wedding Photographer in Bhopal’, in case your city is Bhopal and you will have a list of portfolios in front of you. You will be surprised by the number of options & variety that these searches have to offer. Well, one of these searches got us to meet this amazing couple Abilash & Manali in Bhopal, who proudly crowned us to be the Best Wedding Photographer in Bhopal.

Abilash is the Associate Vice President of a leading IT firm in Bangalore & Manali is the SDO in Indian Railways in Bhopal. This cute couple also met by the virtue of the internet, precisely Quora. What initially started as a healthy discussion on the platform, then elevated to night-long conversations, to & fro travels between Bangalore & Bhopal to finally taking vows for life with each other. They set a perfect example of old school love in the era of Tinder & Bumble.

In normal circumstances, one would have had at least three weddings to attend, with guest lists running into hundreds. But with the coronavirus pandemic still on, the number of people at these gatherings have dropped considerably. The same was the case with Abilash & Manali’s wedding. We were to keep all safety measures in mind while shooting the wedding to keep the guests and ourselves safe. This is how we did it.

Firstly, we needed to keep the timelines on track because a lot of things were hard to find and access. We had to keep enough and more buffer time to make sure that everything was captured in time because everything’s happening just once and you are working with a limited team. There is a scarcity of manpower and resources and price points have changed for wedding photography essentials like equipment renting, travel, props etc. This is because everyone has been hit badly by the pandemic. Also, one must ensure that sanitization protocols at the venue are adequate to keep your guests safe.

However, it was an intimate and small wedding with a limited guest list. Smaller weddings and elopements mean more time to focus on the relationship. COVID has allowed us to work with couples like Abilash & Manali, who don’t care as much about the celebration, they are just eager to belong to one another. We think that’s one of the most beautiful and powerful things of all. We’ve honestly been enjoying the more focused and highly stylized weddings that are less about entertaining guests and more about celebrating the union of two humans.

The connection we were able to build with the couples we shot in covid times was a lot more cherished than the weddings on normal days. This could be because unlike normal weddings where there is a lot of hustle and chaos due to various reasons, covid weddings were a lot calmer. Both the groom & the bride had time to enjoy & have fun on their special day. However, it’s not that pre-covid weddings weren’t fun for the bride and the groom but the sheer number of guests and festivities would somehow replace fun with stress to a little extent.

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So, as the Best Wedding Photographers in Bhopal, we made sure to capture their special moments in the best way possible. Sharing the same with all the readers. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not Abilash and Manali were right to call us the Best Wedding Photographer in Bhopal!

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