From simple to a dazzling home wedding

In this time of the Covid-19 crisis, everything is so uncertain for everyone. Nobody knows about what is even going to happen next week. Although the unlocking process has started almost everywhere, the fear of getting infected is still the same. With this fear of getting infected with the coronavirus, couples are opting to get married in their homes, with their near and dear ones. In such a situation, have you thought about how you can go ‘From Simple to a Dazzling Home Wedding’?  

In this time of huge crisis, everyone is probably thinking about where and how to cut down on expenses. The couples planning to get married would be thinking in the same way.  When all the functions would be carried out in homes with less number of people, there will be a cost-cutting on its own. From Catering to hotel bookings, couples would get relief from a lot of expenses. But in the middle of cutting down these expenses, couples probably feel like cancelling their bookings with the professional wedding photographer too. 

The wedding day is the most important day in anybody’s life, regardless of where it is happening. And photographs are the perfect way to capture those special moments. They are the only actual stuff that will remind you of your best memories, always. As most of you are planning to have your wedding done at your residence, a constant question is probably wandering in your minds. “Why do we need a professional photographer? Everything is going to happen at home, then why go for a professional photographer?” We know that almost everyone is a good photographer with their mobile phones at home.

Although, clicking pictures casually at home and clicking Wedding Photographs at a wedding are two totally different things. Also, the beauty of pictures is enhanced when they are clicked in beautiful venues of weddings. But the same beautiful pictures are not possible to come out of an amateur photographer or a mobile phone. Here is when professional photographers are needed. Moreover, the technicalities of a camera are more complex than those of a phone. This is the reason pictures look better when clicked from a professional camera than a photograph taken from a mobile phone. 

Although, the scope of clicking pictures is totally different when a wedding occurs in a lavish venue. Here are some reasons why you should hire a Professional Wedding Photographer even if you are getting married at your home.

1. They are the Artists

Photography is an Art. Photographers have the ability to capture emotions and feelings in their photographs. Sure, everyone knows the basics of this art, but only a professional photographer can be called the true artist.

A photographer knows the best angles to get the best pictures. Given any background with any subject or obstacle, a photographer always brings the best picture out of the given scenario. They know about the technical changes that are required in the settings of a professional camera when the scenario is not natural enough. When a normal person clicks pictures from a mobile phone, he misses out on all these important points. Moreover, a professional wedding photographer has experience of years working in this field and capturing beautiful moments in a beautiful way. A professional photographer will capture not only pictures but your emotions.  

2. They are Aware in Every Situation

Everyone at a wedding can be seen having fun, making memories. When you look around, you can see various things happening at the same time. In situations like these, awareness is important. The knowledge about which moment should be captured at a time is crucial. A great photograph can be made only when you are aware of the things that are happening around you, and professional photographers are the masters in this. Capturing every precious moment of you and your family at once is what you actually pay for. Also, professional photographers will provide you with quality pictures that you can ultimately share with your friends and family on social media, and eventually cherish them for life-long. Probably, no non-professional person would be able to give you that great quality. Also, you won’t be able to get all the precious moments captured into the camera. 

3. The Little Things are Important

Your wedding is probably the most special day of your life. This day will never come back and so this is the only chance to capture everything into pictures. Every minor detail related to you is important to be captured, be it your beautiful attire or the emotional moment where your annoying sibling cried too! This is where the professional photographer wins. A professional photographer will try to capture every minor detail, due to the obvious experience of years. 

Your professional photographer will always ensure that everything looks perfect, from your hair to your tuxedo to that lipstick, so that every picture looks beautiful. However, you won’t be able to get these details captured if your photographer is an amateur. 

4. Much More Than Just Photographs

A photograph can have the ability to let you relive the old moments only if they are captured in the right way. 

If you ask one of your acquaintances or friends to be the photographer at your wedding, you will only get pictures, which are by the way unprofessional too. You will also realise that many moments have probably not been captured. While on the other hand, when you hire a professional for this work, they will provide you with great pictures and also your wedding video. With pictures, you could also get your short video done. Due to their professionalism, your videos would have great cinematic effects and editing. An amateur photographer may not offer you all these add-ons. Even if you ask for, you will only get unprofessional, that is average work.

Nowadays, professionals offer a whole package including the Pre-wedding Photoshoots too, which would be a great benefit for you. Other than these advantages, you can get many more things done from your professional photographers like wedding portraits and post-wedding shoots.

5. That’s their Business

When you hire a Professional Photographer, they try to give you the best results possible even in the worst of situations. From clicking the best to editing those clicks greatly, they will provide you frame-worthy photographs that can be cherished for a lifetime. May they be just two persons or maybe the team of 10 members, but professionalism in their work is guaranteed. Moreover,  professional photographers know how hard it already is, to get married in such a situation. So, if hired, they would offer you the best Wedding Photography Packages possible, in these uncertain times.

No matter where and how you get married, the beautiful moments of your special day need to be captured and cherished forever. And no one could be better than a Professional Wedding Photographer to capture your best moments with all the love. 

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