Grow your Photography Business in 2022 (Updated)

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit almost every industry enormously. Be it jobs or businesses, people have lost almost a major part of it. If you are a photographer, you must be probably stressed about your photography career too. Well, you have got to the right place now. Here you are about to know how you can grow your photography business with these hacks! 

Honestly, this year has been tough with almost all of us. No one was completely prepared for such a situation, it all happened so suddenly. However, we are now somehow coming back to our normal lives. No doubt, many things have changed. Many new challenges are needed to be faced by us. In such times, it is obvious to be stressed about our career. Although. we can not stay stressed for a long time. We have got to find a solution to increase the reach of our Photography services. 


We all know that photography is a broad concept. When we talk about photography careers, there are loads and loads available. However, we just need to analyze our interests and the place where we live. 

In a country like India, photography has always been considered a profession with fewer opportunities. Although when you dig into this, you will find a variety of options for yourself. Here we have got you some of the best options for making a photography career in.

Wedding Photography

The trend of wedding photography now has expanded more than ever before. Couples are going crazy over pre-wedding and wedding shoots. People are ready to pay really good money just to make sure that their weddings are captured beautifully.

If you are already into the photography business and not taking up weddings, then you really need to take them now. Weddings and pre-wedding shoots only need your skills and your creativity. To start with, you can build up your portfolio in the niche.

Real Estate Photography

The times have gone when people themselves used to click pictures of their homes to publish them in ads. The real estate agency has grown too much competition to not have professionalism. Now real estate agents and companies hire professional photographers to get their pictures published in magazines, newspapers and brochures.

If you have some knowledge of interior and building photography, you should totally try your hands on this one. With pictures published in magazines and newspapers, you can go viral and you may get more clients for yourself.

Stock Photography

How can we talk about photography business ideas 2020 and not mention Stock photography? For those of you who don’t know what it is, here it goes. The stock photography business is basically the one where you sell your clicked pictures to stock agencies like Shutterstock, Getty Images and many more. Your pictures are licensed by them for specific uses.

The highest advantage of choosing this business idea is that there are no limitations on the niche. You can click images in whichever niche you like. In just a short span of time in this business, you will be able to observe which pictures give you more money and which are sold the best. Eventually, you will be able to decide for yourself in this business.


If you like to explore things and get involved, this career is for you. You must have seen pictures and video clips attached to the news you read every day. Photographers click these pictures. So, when you give your photos to newspapers and other news sources, this is called photojournalism.

Many news agencies or sources do not have a separate photographer hired for themselves. They either buy pictures from photographers outside the agency or hire freelance photographers for coverage of special events, incidents or occasions. If you have the required knowledge of camera and gain interest in this field once, it can result very rewarding for you.

These were some of the best working careers to add in your list and increase your growth. If you already are a photographer, adding these mentioned items in your photography services will definitely grow your business. Also, if you are not a photographer yet and are planning your career in it, these are some of the best categories to start with! 

If you are a professional photographer with considerable professional experience in this field, then you must be having some great service that you offer. Although, if nobody in the market knows you exist, then what is the use of all? While providing great services, you also need to promote yourself. You need to tell people that you exist and you provide some services, only then will people come to you.

Are you confused about how you will tell people that you exist? Do not worry! Keep reading and you will learn about some unique ways of how you can advertise yourself. 

Photography Business Card

If you are a professional photographer, you really need your photography business card. You must be wondering about who keeps a card for photography? Well, professionals do! Business cards show your professionalism and authenticity. Whenever a person visits you, give them your card; so that even if they don’t plan to book you, they will remember that you exist. They may even come back to you in future through your card.

Also, a card is no big deal to make. You just need an attractive logo and your photography name on it. Have your studio address or your permanent address on it with a permanent phone number. Also, mention your email address and social media pages on it (if you have any).

Photography Business Advertising

For any business to grow, advertising plays a crucial role. If you need more clients, you need advertising. There are many many years in which you can advertise yourself.

Focus on creating your name in your locality first. To target local people, you need to opt for the local medium of advertising. Newspapers and brochures are a great way to locally advertise yourself. Maintain your social media pages and try adding local people to your list on social media. Once you get your hold on the local audience, you can easily make your name globally.

Photography Courses

If you have great technical knowledge as well as practical knowledge of this field, go and share it with others. You can offer crash courses for the amateur photographers out there. This will expand your name as well as give you some side earnings. You can share your tips and tricks with them through online classes or workshops in your area.

You just need to come up with some really great ideas for your classes in all different niches like product photography, editing, pre-weddings and many more. This will increase your chances of getting recommendations and eventually increase your growth.

In order to grow a photography business, these are some of the best ideas that can work wonders for you. However, nothing would work well if you are not a polished photographer. To get more clients, your photography services need to be great. The photography business after lockdown has already risen its challenges for even the big photographers. In such a situation, if you are not prepared well then you may have to bear much loss. 

The question is, ‘How to become a photographer with great skills?’. Well, here are some suggestions that can help you in enhancing your skills to get more clients. 

  • Build up your portfolio if you need more clients. When clients come to visit you, they would want to see your previous work or any work to finalise you. So it is advisable that you use this spare time in building your portfolio in all the different niches that you are willing to work in. 
  • Many big photographers are offering online workshops in photography. So if you are willing to improve your skills, you should attend the workshops and online classes of your interest. When your skills will be polished, only then will you get more clients. 
  • When you have certificates of photography internships and courses, your clients trust you. You can also opt for certified courses in photography. Moreover, many big brands are also hiring interns for photography. So it will be a win-win situation for you, as you will be learning plus building up your profile at the same time.

All these suggestions and pieces of advice will ultimately help in the growth of your photography business. However, the most important thing of all is that you need to be focused and genuine about your photography career.




When you are in a field like photography, you need to gain the trust of your clients. When you have internship certificates from some renowned photography companies, your profile builds up and eventually, your clients start to trust you.



Photojournalism is a field where experience is not that necessary. You need to have the ability to roam around places to collect quality pictures. Moreover, you need to click genuine pictures. What has happened on the location has to be captured as it is, no major editings can be done.



Social media only values those who post creative content on a regular basis. So you need to post your own content, do not copy. Interact with your followers and talk to them about your work. Moreover, keep telling them about your offers, discounts and show them your works in different categories.



At Akshit Photography, they have a team of professional experts with considerable experience in the field. They have expertise in all kinds of photography including real estate photography. From interior photography to aerial photography, you can contact them for all kinds of outdoor and indoor shoots.

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