Product Photography: Increase your sales online in 2021

The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more accurate in the field of content marketing. Product photographs in 2021, are a vital part of any social media campaign, and no one can deny it. Consumers have a limited amount of time for traditional marketing, which relied heavily on text-only product descriptions. More than that, the bombardments of advertisements on those media platforms even cause sensory overload, which leads to the distraction of consumer attention. Accordingly, a powerful, robust product photography strategy is a fundamental approach to win this information competition, gaining more engagement with consumers, increasing brand awareness and ultimately improving the conversion rate.
The world is going through a new era in which a massive flow of information is consumed and shared by internet users every day. The problem, however, is consumers are busy, and they have limited time for such a significant amount of information and offerings. A recent study from Microsoft shows that from the year 2000 until now, the average attention span of people dropped from 12 seconds to only eight seconds. As a result, it is imperative for marketers to find a way of creating information that is interesting enough to capture consumer attention. An efficiently processed piece of information can help them to quickly understand the messages and values one firm wants to deliver. Therefore, visual content is a critical solution in modern marketing to adapt to that phenomenon.
Good product photographs effectively capture consumer attention and thus, increase their engagement or interest with the product. An attractive photo should draw customer attention to it, consciously or unconsciously, and more than that, make them want to engage with it. There are various ways to make a photograph that can trigger viewers’ attention and emotion. However, a compelling photo used for marketing should successfully tell the brand story and deliver value to consumers.

Here are three important product photography tips that every photographer should know


When discussing visualization, the very first fundamental element, and also notably crucial one is color. In photography, each color has its meaning and value. Choosing the right color that goes well together is a challenging task for both marketers and photographers. Color is a useful tool to influence the success of a project because it can not only attract people attention but also manipulate and change their mood. If used correctly, it can guide the eyes of the audience to where marketers want them to look. Otherwise, viewers can even be disturbed or bored. For example, Red is the color of blood and fire, which is attached to passion, excitement and also a danger, Black is connected to power, formality, and mystery, White is attached to purity, cleanliness, and youth & so on.


Without light, there is no color. People need light to see, and photographers need light to create photographs. Different ways of using light sources lead to the various outcome and mastering this can have a massive impact on customer visual attention. Better selection of natural sunlight or artificial one or both can enhance the unique characteristics of a photo. A lot of intense light sources come from every direction will reduce the details and colors of the leading figures. Sunlight: ambient light from the sun, from the street light or available light indoor. Photographing with sunlight can introduce a fresh touch to the picture, makes it more natural and atmospheric.
Artificial light: various sources of light inside using in a studio, such as a flashlight and tungsten light. A majority of product photographs are taken using artificial light, which gives photographers more room to be creative with different techniques.


Composition in a photograph is all about the arrangement of all elements in a pleasant and comfortable looking manner. It is one of the most significant things because when done correctly, it can guide the view of viewers to one focal element and results in an attractive aesthetic looking picture.
In fact, product photography is a work of art so it should not be limited by any rules. However, several composition guidelines can be applied in photography for 22 striking, eye-catching effects because the human brain likes harmony, symmetry, and order.
One of the most commonly used rules is the rule of thirds, in which a photo is equally divided into nine parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines. According to these rules, focal elements should be placed along these four lines or at the intersections. This method will reveal both the main character and the surrounding scene in order to give more balance and meaning to the photo. Another rule is the rule of symmetry, which refers to a line that divides a picture into two mirrored parts. This a powerful tool in photography and usually associated with beauty by our brain. However, sometimes, the disorder in photography can have a strong influence on the viewer because of its uniqueness and difference.

Consumer perception and behavior have always been a challenging area for all kind of businesses and industries. Brands and retailers have been using every available tool to capture consumer attention and more than that, influence their perception. Correspondingly, consumers are bombarded by advertisement more than ever with all kind of information, through all different communication channels. That is why people nowadays are less interested in advertising, and they become more aware of the quality of information sources and marketing materials. People pay more attention to the information in the form of images, videos and illustrations. Visual data is easier to understand and remember. Knowing the vital importance of visual attention, as modern marketers, you should develop a completely new marketing strategy, which is visual marketing. With the rapid development of online shopping and social media, visual content marketing is dominating the internet and finding its way to win consumer visual attention.
One of the most important parts of an online visual marketing strategy is product photograph. In the online shopping environment, product photos are the only way for consumers to visualize the product they are looking for, in term of colour, shape, size and texture. The photos act like the bridge between consumers and the companies, and they are proof of the credibility and authenticity of the product.
There are many factors of product photograph that can have an impact on consumer perception and visual attention, such as background color, composition, focal element, textual information and props. However, marketers cannot rely on only one attribute to gain consumer visual attention. All attributes must be appropriately planned so that they go well together as one strong piece of information and benefit consumers in all ways. Akshit Photography believes in working professionally making the relations simultaneously. All our clients are equally important to us. Akshit Garg photography will manage all the product photography services including models, makeup artists, production crew, and locations. Everything that is essential for your brand campaign. The only thing you have to do is search for product photography near me, and we will instantly show up for your service at the point of the day.




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E-commerce Photography refers to specific photographs taken for e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Generally, these photos are taken in the studio on a white background.



Yes, the lighting setup is crucial when shooting a product. In fact, any kind of photography requires a good lighting setup.



It totally depends on the kind of product you are shooting. Jewellery as a product might need a special lens for capturing minute details while in the case of larger products like automobiles, then macro lenses will not work. So, there is no standard lens for product photography.

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