If you are a professional photographer, you definitely know what it takes to become one. Also, you must be having destination weddings in your list of services, right? Destination weddings usually give us a great opportunity to create the most beautiful pictures. However, packing up all the equipment for one is a bit hard. So stay here, because you are almost to know about some of the must-have photography gears for destination weddings! 
Every photographer, be it big or small, wishes to get destination wedding photography packages for himself. There are many reasons for this desire. 
The most important reason is that destination weddings are a great source of revenue. Couples out there today, are ready to pay a huge amount for their destination weddings. They look for professional photographers rather than local photographers. They look for great experience and professionalism. So ultimately, a single destination wedding that you get can give you a lot of income. Once you have expertise in it, your finances can get a good boost. 
Also, destination weddings are a great way to improve your professional profile. As these weddings have great locations, you get a big opportunity to use your creativity. From portrait photography to candids, you can easily create your portfolio in different categories through destination wedding photography and this portfolio would ultimately help you in getting more clients. 

Moreover, couples today try to get everything done at one stop. They wish to hire one team for everything that they need at their destination wedding. If you have a tie-up with some of the other event companies, you can easily get the whole destination wedding package in your hands. As couples try getting a destination wedding planner and photographer at one place, it may become a big opportunity for you. 
However, big money means more work along with various big & small challenges. As they are destination weddings, that means you obviously need to travel to a faraway location. And going to another location means packing your whole studio with yourself. We know that this is obviously not possible. You need to pack the most important set of equipment with you. The set which is easy to carry and also a combination that gives you great pictures in the worst of situations. 

We know that it can be a bit difficult to choose from the numerous equipment, all of which are important. That is why here are some of the most important things that you really need at every destination of yours.

1. A water-proof backpack

Couples always love to experiment with their location of weddings. They always need something new and unique. Now, different locations have different weathers. So you really need a water-proof bag for keeping your equipment safe. 
Just in case if it rains, or even worse, someone spills a drink on your bag, you would not have to worry at all. Moreover, beach weddings have been a hot trend this year. So you have got to be ready for such locations. 
Whichever your location be, you should really have a water-proof bag to keep all your cameras and lenses safe anyways! 

2. The right cameras!

A camera is obviously the most important thing to keep as a destination wedding photographer. Although, choosing the right camera is also crucial. 
As you are going to a different location, it is advisable to keep two cameras. One camera would be your main camera and the other one would be your backup. You need to choose the best camera for yourself according to your convenience and your budget. 

3. The proper lenses

Being a professional photographer, you must be knowing what important role lenses play. Your camera is incomplete without the proper lens. 
With the pressure of perfection, many photographers usually pack several lenses with them and unnecessarily increase their baggage. If you are also one of them, you need to stop doing it. Before going to your destination wedding location, take your time. Wisely decide the lenses that you have to keep. Just remember, you need to carry lenses with intentional use. You do not have to carry heavy baggage. 

4. Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment in your set of photography is as important as lenses. Lighting gears help in getting those perfect shots in the evening. Moreover, You do not know about the lighting of those destination wedding locations, maybe you need some additional light source even in the day, who knows? 
So you need to keep your lighting gear with you. Also, not all the lighting equipment is necessary, only the ones with good quality are sufficient. Just remember to keep alighting gear that gives optimum light and yet not reduces the quality of your pictures. 

5. Light enhancers

When you are using lighting gears in your wedding photography, there may be chances that sometimes that light seems too much. Neither can you work without lighting gear at all, not are your pictures coming great with lighting gear. You want something in between, then what do you do?
You use light modifiers. If you are having additional lighting gears in your studio, you must be also having light modifiers for sure. Light modifiers are those umbrellas, softboxes and beauty dishes that you use in your studio. These pieces of equipment will help you in reducing the light when you don’t want too much light from your flash or additional lighting gears. 
Not only light modifiers will help you when you use lighting gears, but they will help even when you are shooting without artificial lighting. Many times, the sun gives too much lighting to you in the day which you don’t need at all. In such a situation, these light modifiers can help you. Also, using the right light modifier will also set the desired mood in your photograph. 
You just need to choose the right light modifiers for your destination wedding and you are done!

All these are some important pieces of equipment that will definitely give you some great pictures of the wedding. You will be able to click a vast variety of photographs, ultimately giving you the best possible portfolio for yourself. 
However, there are many other things that you need to keep in mind as a destination wedding photographer. All the things that you carry with yourself should be in proper condition. Always check the working of everything that you are packing. If there is something you need to replace, checking will give you the time. Also always have backups ready in your mind. 
A good photographer not only means great camera, lenses and other equipment. It also means the skills that you possess. Your presence of mind and the way you can think of alternatives and backups makes you a great photographer. This mantra is not limited just to destination weddings, but for every other service that you offer as a photographer. Even as a portrait photographer or a commercial photographer, your presence of mind in every situation is what makes you a great photographer.


So these were some tips along with the guide for must-have photography gears for destination weddings. If you apply them wisely, only then will you succeed in becoming the best destination wedding photographer! Following this guide with utmost attention will for sure satisfy your clients and bring them back to you again and again. 

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There are many lighting equipment that is advisable to keep. Softboxes and umbrellas can be kept for defusing light. However, you can keep light reflectors for setting a certain mood. They come in different colours to give different effects.



Yes! You can definitely get the whole package of destination wedding if your client asks you about it. You just need a tie-up with an event company and maybe a wedding choreographer that can fulfil your needs. You can have tie-ups on commission basis with different people who can work for you. 



Just having technical skills and great equipment of photography is not sufficient. What’s the use of all if you don’t know how to utilize them adequately? In a situation where any of your equipment suddenly gets damaged and stops working, your presence of mind for handling the situation is needed.



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